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99th anniversary of Independence of Poland

15 September 2020

In line with the President of Poland, Kujawy partook in the Narodowe Czytanie. This year's book was titled 'Balladyna" by the author Juliusz Słowacki. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the reading was delayed and was read to its dancing members after dancing practise on 15 September 2020.

Our readers were Monika Potaczała, Paulina Pazdzior and Mrs Barbara Kubiak. The role of Alina was read by Monika Potaczała, Balladyna by Paulina Pazdzior and remaining characters by Mrs Barbara Kubiak.

They read Act I Scene III, where the prince Kirkor comes to the house that Alina, Balladyna and their widowed mother live in.

The members of Kujawy that were sitting in the audience were enthralled and mesmerised by the tale of two sisters, both vying to marry the prince. To choose which of the sisters is to marry, as both are beautiful, he sets them a task to pick raspberries. The sister who picks the most raspberries he will marry.

Overall the reading was a great success and enjoyed by all present. Thank you to Monika, Paulina and Mrs Barbara Kubiak for undertaking the reading of the book 'Balladyna'. Kujawy Sydney thanks the Federation of Polish Associations in NSW for giving them the chance to partake in the Narodowe Czytanie of 2020.

Jolanta Zurawski


Ball of the Federation

Polish Club in Bankstown


Meeting with David Clarke MLC

in the Parliment of NSW


Commemoration of Warsaw Uprising

73rd anniversary

Polish Club in Ashfield 


Rally "Katyń - Smoleńsk" to Jindabyne


Meeting with Adam Kwiatkowski, the Secretary of State of the President of the Republic of Poland