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About Us

The name of the incorporated association is The Federation of Polish Associations in NSW or Federacja Polskich   Organizacji w NPW. The area of activities of the Federation is the State of New South Wales.
The Federation is a Non-Government Body, community-based, state-wide peak umbrella organization representing the Polish Community in NSW.
The objectives and duties of the Federation shall be set out in the Statement of Purposes.

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The fundamental aim of the Federation of Polish Associations in NSW is to oversee the preservation of Poland’s cultural heritage, which enriches Australia’s multicultural society. This is achieved through the support and co-ordination of member organizations, as well as maintaining official ties on all levels with both Polish and Australian government departments, as well as non-government bodies.

Our Mission Statement


  • To represent the Polish Community in NSW and coordinate the activities of Member Organisations.

  • To initiate and organize social, recreational and charitable activities related to enhance the Polish, Polish-Australian heritage.

  • To assist the Member Organisations in organizing social activities.

  • To maintain and develop co-operation with all tiers of the Australian Government organizations inside and outside of Poland.

  • To maintain contact and co-operation with representatives of the Polish Government.

  • To maintain and to preserve Polish traditions and to cultivate and propagate the Polish cultural heritage.

  • To promote good relations with other community groups.

  • The Federation shall not subscribe to or support with its funds any Club, Association or Organisation which does not prohibit the distribution of funds amongst members or associates.


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